The Mother (Gorky novel)

The Mother (Russian: Мать) is a novel written by Maxim Gorky in 1906 about revolutionary factory workers. The work was translated into many languages, and was made into a number of films. The German playwright Bertolt Brecht and his collaborators based their 1932 play The Mother on this novel. Background: The Mother is considered to... Continue Reading →


The Da Vinci Code Novel by Dan Brown

Da Vinci Code novel of suspense and mystery fairy sniffer American author Dan Brown published in 2003. The novel has achieved significant sales of up to 60.5 million copies (until March 2006) and classified as the top of the list of best-selling novels in the New York Times list of America. The novel has been... Continue Reading →

سأخون وطني by Mohamed Al-Maghawt

The first book I read was the writer Mohamed Al Maghawt entitled "سأخون وطني" .Repayment fabulous national objective vision of reality, offered by farcically satirical writer is a collection of articles, a spokesman for every Arab citizen of his pain, his hopes and aspirations to live in a homeland that guarantees him all his rights of... Continue Reading →

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