Faten al-Mhbanie                   

   I born in 4th/January/1991

 From Syria

I live in  Douma,RifDimashq, Syria .

  • Educational attainment

* I studied Accountant at Damascus University كلية التجارة والاقتصاد في دمشق and I graduated in 2012.
* I was given a course “Scriptwriting Articles .
* I have undergone a montage course on Premiere.
 *Recently I study of web programming in Maharat center @maharatITcenter  .
  • Work

* I work at Shifaa  شفاء medical foundation as Data Entry.
* I began work since eight month ago .
* I worked as a mathematics teacher for a year.
* Before that I was  working in the office of the consolidated common medical.
@the.Medical.office.for.Duma, in the accounting department.

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