Alameen Accounting System

About the Program:
1- The program offers all the specifications in addition to a wide range of features that make the accounting work more professional and more comfortable. The team will continue to develop the program continuously to cover all types of commercial and industrial establishments and non-profit services. It also includes processing branches and importing and exporting data between branches.
2- The program includes accounting and industrial accounting and cost accounting in the form of periodic inventory and inventory, including points of sale in retail stores, restaurants, distribution, orders, hospitals, pharmacies, preparing packing lists and daily handling checks and bills of exchange and various types of securities such as arrest and payment papers and benefits and organize collection, Of the analytical reports distinguished with simplified and medium display interfaces and serves all investors is provided in languages ​​(Arabic, English and French)
General advantages:
1 – The interface of the program is convenient for long periods of work with the ease of navigation between the windows of the program with the flexibility of high (moving between bills to the bonds to the reports and return to the original from the same window)
2 – All categories of users can work on the program with its comprehensiveness and ease of use (accountants – traders – hard and trained)
3 – the existence of an unlimited number of types of bills (price offers – transfers – letters of credit – sales – etc.) with the finest bonds to enter and take out to control the warehouses accurately and advanced tools to assist in the settlement of inventory (manual inventory – import Inventory Inventory Comparison)
4 – Advanced tools help in quick search and modification of data cards, generating new cards, adjusting the prices of materials and ….. etc
5 – The program contains a system of distribution of hierarchical powers of all parts so that the administrator can grant or deny the powers of each user for each penalty parts of the program
6 – the possibility of linking online branches and management with the export and import of files and the integration of files from several branches in addition to exporting reports to text files or Excel files or XML or HTML files to facilitate transmission via the Internet or e-mail
7 – the possibility of linking the program with Uday from the programs linkable and works efficiently on the networks available in the marketsAll the participants in the network to conduct all operations and at the same time within the powers specified by the administration
8 – high performance on the network when increasing the number of users and the possibility of exporting data between branches in XML format
9 – Help is available so that you can obtain information for where you are located
10 – Export data (Inventory of materials – Statement of Account – Bill – Reports) to Excel and restore it and the program tested on the information of a very large size and unlimited limits
11 –The program is written in C ++, the same language as the Windows system, which provides excellent performance and compatibility with the operating system and takes advantage of all the capabilities offered by the system with the availability of technical support anywhere in Saudi Arabia (online service visits remotely)
1- Full flexibility in designing the accounts directory with unlimited number of levels, showing and manipulating the directory hierarchical structure with the possibility of modifying the directory structure even after daily operations
2 – the existence of different types of accounts (ordinary – final – aggregative – distribution) with different cost centers within the hierarchical structure and reports distinct for construction, service and industrial companies
3 – The movement of the Fund is integrated into the transactions of arrest and daily exchange through bonds (arrest and exchange) with the possibility of automatic transfer of the bonds of arrest and drainage to the professor and the day
4 – the presence of a descriptor (detailed or total) of any sub-account or major and a multi-form review balance (from the date of the monthly – annual – comparison accounting periods)
5 – the existence of final accounts (budget – profits and losses – trading – operation) or even a specific and can be displayed in the form of a letter T or a list of income
6 – Processing of securities such as checks, bills of exchange, collection and installment and bonds of maturity so that the user can easily know the money and the benefits of the payments receivable and collect or automatically endorsement
7 – Reports (reconstruction of receivables and payables (detailed and total) – to study collection rates and knowledge of customers most committed to payments)
8 – the possibility of transfer (account from one branch to another even after the calculations on it . the movement of a full account to another account)
9 – Match balances of accounts and reports to view the corresponding accounts and the possibility of requesting account reports from the date of conformity
1 – The definition of the materials easily with a complete description of the material. The label of the item contains three different items with six different selling prices for each material with four pricing policies and treatment of the compound items.
2 – the existence of one upper limit for each material helps in the process of monitoring the inventory of the number of non-limited warehouses and the possibility of division of warehouses within a hierarchy such as the division of the warehouse to the main warehouses and sub-
3 – full integration between warehouses and accounting where the constraints are generated and modified in the conduct of warehouse operations and using the method inventory inventory
4 – the possibility of disbursement of the materials of one of the most of the warehouses of the existence of transfers between the warehouses (switching between branches and exhibition stores)
5 – Various reports and includes (detailed and total detailed inventory, specific date, inventory, inventory, inventory, inventory or inventory according to size, model, color, or manufacturer – multiple analysis covering the movements of materials and their collections in an open structure you can put your own conditions within large intersections of groups, warehouses, These reports are in the form of image graphs worth a thousand words – the profits of invoices and material profits – for distribution companies, such as the collection of delegates, customers, sales of regions, delegates,
6-possibility (comparison of the actual inventory with the computer inventory and using the information collectors – modify the prices of a group of materials at once with the possibility of rounding in order to facilitate the pricing of Mawadaw pricing discounts – special offers on the articles sell specific material free of charge with another material
7 – a special section of the point of sale interface easy to support the use of the keyboard and the touch of the barcode touch-screen touch screens of all kinds to facilitate the sale of retail in the shops with the link of the program multi-bar code (portable – box) and contains an easy and integrated program to print the labels of barcodes design capabilities high and linked to cards materials and For example, print labels for all items of one bill and one order
8 –The program supports many POS devices such as printers, customer screen,
9 – possibility (the work of credit card commission deduction in the form of and transfer the commission in a way to account – the procedure of discounts, discounts and rounding on invoices in the form of)
10 – The program supports the organization of tables for restaurants in the input and reports
Factories and Manufacturing:
1 – Completion of the work of the plant in full or open structure through which the application of the documentary course in the laboratories
2 – Product manufacturing models shall be taken into account for the fixed and variable additional costs of the product, with the possibility of changing them easily
3 – Mechanical manufacturing processes linked with accounting and with warehouses and specified models with the calculation of natural and tidal waste
4 – the possibility of disbursement of materials of one of the most warehouse and the existence of transfers between the warehouses (transfer between the branches and exhibition stores)
5 – Special reports for the computer cost of each product and show cost deviations in amounts and quantities
6 – Possibility of adopting the periodic inventory method and inventory method. The final inventory method, with the program costing the sales in several ways, developing a manufacturing plan, studying the feasibility of implementing the plan and following up the process of the manufacturing plan.


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