Warnings of new global cyber attacks, although slowed down, Microsoft is strengthening its defenses

A global online attack forced a description of its unprecedented scope for a major European automaker to halt some of its production lines as schools in China and hospitals in Indonesia were targeted on Saturday, although it appeared to have receded a day after it began. According to news agency Reuters.

مقهى انترنت

Tens of thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries have been hit by a global electronic attack using e-mail tools believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency  The British health insurance system suffered the worst effects of the attack.

Once the target network enters, a program called “Ransomware” encrypts computer data and asks for money between $ 300 and $ 600 for the devices to function normally.

And then silence silently other devices are not updated without any human intervention, a capability that security experts say is an unprecedented development and threatens new attacks may spread in the coming days and weeks.

إدوارد سنودن
Security researchers said they noticed some of the victims had been paid with the digital currency, although they did not know how much they were given to infiltrators.

Researchers at the Avast security software company said they had detected 12,654 infections in 99 countries and Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan were the hardest hit.

“We are in a downward curve and the injuries are falling sharply because the malignant program has failed to enter the registered domain,” said Vikram Takur, director of research at Symantec, an e-security firm. “The numbers are very small and are rapidly declining.”

But the attackers can still modify the program’s encryption and return the ball. “No such modification has yet been made,” he said. “But it will happen.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the malicious program. Researchers said in a number of Internet security companies that these hackers are likely to have turned Ransom ware into a malicious program that quickly spreads itself by exploiting part of the US National Security Agency’s code known as “Eternal Blue”, a group known as Shadow Brokers revealed last month.
In a related context, private security companies said that Ransom ware program is a new form of the program and “Wanakray” malicious able to deploy automatically across large networks exploit a gap known in the operating system of Microsoft.

Microsoft said it was automatically updating Windows to protect its customers from “Wanakray”.

“Today our engineers are adding detection and protection measures to prevent the new malicious program known as Ransom: Win32 and Krypt,” it said in a statement on Friday. She worked with clients to provide additional help.


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