10 distinct sites to learn programming and other skills

Want to learn programming, how to write code! Consider yourself lucky because there are hundreds of cheap and easy-to-access resources that you can learn from programming and even more. These resources will help you start from scratch and reach professional levels. All you need is practice, practice, and practice🙂.

1- codeacademy


The site offers you a great ability to learn web programming languages. You can learn the languages ​​(Java Script, Python, Ruby, etc.), the site is free and allows you to experiment with many of the codes. You can also try the code without the need for a server, hardware or even programs to download on your computer; All you want to learn is a good browser. If you start from scratch or have some limited experience, codeacdemy is a great starting point for you. You not only have the ability to access the contents of the study, but you also have the ability to experiment with the code securely.
2. Lynda.com

One of the best educational materials on the web is the one provided by Lynda.com. All you have to do is pay monthly subscription. You can then access more than 2000 courses covering more than 140 different skills, including programming. Access to various courses such as animation, video and design.
3- Udacity

The goal of udacity is to become the future of higher education. Courses are specialized and professional, from high school students who want to join prestigious universities, university students who want to broaden their knowledge and understanding, and even professionals who want to spread their skills. , Covering many fields such as business, science, physics and computer science.
4- coursera







Coursera offers professional courses from the world’s top universities. Course content tends to be an overview of certain subjects. For those who want a comprehensive introduction to what they want to specialize in, coursera is a great place to start. If you are studying a field, Programming in addition to many different techniques.
5. W3Shools

If you want to learn most of the web programming languages, W3Shools is an indispensable reference. The site allows you to learn how to program in HTML, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, PHP and ASP. It gives you search results in the form of examples you can read and know the utility of this tool, and as a result you can mix some tools with each other to come out with something wonderful.
6. Apple Developer program

If you are interested in learning how to develop iOs and OSX applications, make programs for iPhone, iPad or even Mac, all you have to do is join the Apple Develeoper program. The site will allow you to access the latest examples and educational files.You will learn how to use the Xcode environment to start your first program. One of the requirements for the development of iOs applications is that the Xcode environment only works on OSX, so you’ll need a Mac with some special features Some what.
7. Developer.Andoroid.com

For program developers who want to learn Andoroid phone programming using Java, this site is your starting point. You can download the Eclipse IDE version from the site to build your applications. You have a huge amount of examples that you can run on an Android environment or directly on your phone.
8- Developers.Google.com

Learn how to use some of the programming skills you have acquired throughout your studies, to extend to Google products; which can be as Google Chrome or Google Drive extensions or even a Google Maps application industry. You have many educational files and lots of examples to start with.
9. MSDN.Microsoft.com


Microsoft provides you with a good amount of educational materials on its development network, free and paid for Visual Studio products, to learn the development of programs and the proficiency of languages ​​such as “Visual Basic, C ++ or even C #” using the Net Framework, in addition to many courses and examples of application development , If you want to become a developer of Windows programs; this site is your best way, you may not need another source for your study development of Windows applications.
10. Instructables

Instructables teaches you how to accomplish things. It is based on an idea that you do yourself. You will find many wonderful things that people have done themselves. If you have a way to accomplish something, you can explain how it works on the site. With others or vice versa, is a site that offers you more than learning programming alone, but will learn other wonderful skills.
Conclusion :
If you have a desire to learn programming or other things, just give yourself some time to browse the sites mentioned, which will provide you with a number of information you can explore by browsing these sites, which in turn will put you on the road to achieve what you aspire to


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