The first page I  created at Maharat Center was a simulation of the form and content of the login page on Facebook. The page is static The code contains HTML and CSS tag These two languages ​​are the infrastructure of any Web site.

HTML is the structure of a web page and gives the web browser a description of how it displays its contents. It knows that this is a title, a paragraph, and so much more. The web browser translates the HTML code into easy-to-read visual content for site visitors.
CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet. It uses CSS styles in the design of web pages to control the shape of the entire site in terms of type, color, or size of the font without having to type or repeat these codes. Each page within the site, and therefore can be through one file only make any adjustments to all files, which saves a lot of effort and time. The function of this technique is to control how the web page is displayed without interfering with content
 I completed the page within two days
To download the page, click on the link

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