The Da Vinci Code Novel by Dan Brown

Da Vinci Code novel of suspense and mystery fairy sniffer American author Dan Brown published in 2003. The novel has achieved significant sales of up to 60.5 million copies (until March 2006) and classified as the top of the list of best-selling novels in the New York Times list of America. The novel has been translated into 50 languages so far. Taking place in about 600 pages in both France and Britain.

Start precisely from the famous Louvre when summons us scientist named Dr. Robert Langdon, professor of religious symbols in the Harvard University following the murder in the Louvre Museum, one of the curators of the museum amid mysterious circumstances, during his presence in Paris to deliver a lecture in the scientific field. Discover Langdon gas indicate the existence of a secret organization is sacred extended to hundreds of years old and was a prominent member of the world Discovered Gravity Isaac Newton and the world the painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Most of the events of the novel revolves around the Da Vinci inventions and artwork.
Discover Langdon and French lady Sophie Novo expert cryptographers – which clear later that have a big role in the novel – a series of interesting and exciting puzzles, which called for a review of history to disengage its mysteries amid fierce Pursuer of the members of the Catholic organization seeks to get a password.The Da Vinci Code


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