What is accounting?

Accounting is the recording and tabulation of inputs and processes that represent economic events according to a given system. Financial information is used primarily by managers, investors, tax authorities and other decision makers, with the aim of distributing resources within institutions, companies, organizations or government. The name of the account is derived from the use... Continue Reading →


The Da Vinci Code Novel by Dan Brown

Da Vinci Code novel of suspense and mystery fairy sniffer American author Dan Brown published in 2003. The novel has achieved significant sales of up to 60.5 million copies (until March 2006) and classified as the top of the list of best-selling novels in the New York Times list of America. The novel has been... Continue Reading →

سأخون وطني by Mohamed Al-Maghawt

The first book I read was the writer Mohamed Al Maghawt entitled "سأخون وطني" .Repayment fabulous national objective vision of reality, offered by farcically satirical writer is a collection of articles, a spokesman for every Arab citizen of his pain, his hopes and aspirations to live in a homeland that guarantees him all his rights of... Continue Reading →


Technology is changing constantly and it has become crucial to hire dedicated web developers to keep up with the latest trends in the market of web development. With so many developments and updates releasing every few weeks, it can be really discerning to focus. Here is a quick guide to help you out with all […]... Continue Reading →

Web developer

Web Developer? A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser. What does a web developer do? WEB DEVELOPER CAN BE DIVIDED INTO 3 PARTS: Client-side […]... Continue Reading →


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